Car & Truck Fridge

Our fridge works well in a car or truck:

The portable DC compressor fridge from COLKU has excellent refrigeration performance—30~45 min is enough for reaching the target temperature. The energy consumption is extremely low (about 40 Watt), making the fridge perfectly suitable for using outdoor or on a car or truck.

The size is so small that you can just leave it in the boot or on the seat of your car. The 12V cigarette lighter receptacle in your car can sever as the power of the freezer. With a built-in transformer, the fridge is able to work on the electricity at home.

We adopted heat pipes for the improvement of the refrigeration performance of the thermoelectric fridge. So the temperature can be achieved is much lower than that a traditional thermoelectric freezer can reach. The thermoelectric fridge is cheaper, quieter, and more eco-friendly than the compressor cooler.

With a fridge in your car when your are having fun outside with your families and friends, the journey will be much happier and more comfortable—you can have cool drinks and foods any time and all the trip.

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