Caravan & Motor Home Fridge

Fridge is widely adopted in caravan and motor home as an important piece of equipment. On the basis of the potable compressor fridge, we developed a series of small size DC upright compressor fridge mainly driven by solar power and battery

Car & Truck Fridge

The portable DC compressor fridge from COLKU has excellent refrigeration performance—30~45 min is enough for reaching the target temperature. The energy consumption is extremely low (about 40 Watt), making the fridge perfectly

Holiday Cottage Fridge

The absorption gas fridge and DC compressor fridge we produced are typically suitable for using in the car, so that you can enjoy the cool and refreshing foods and drinks on your trip or somewhere remote like holiday cottage

Outdoor & Camping Fridge

During a sunny holiday, nobody will miss the chance to have fun with family outside—fishing, having a picnic, camping, and so on. COLKU three way camping cooler will help make your trip more comfortable. Cool drinks and fresh foods

Boat & Yacht Fridge

How can you have a perfect vacation on the yacht without a powerful fridge because that is where your ice cold drinks and fresh foods come from. We recommend you the COLKU DC compressor fridge and freezer. It works stably on bumpy conditions

Medical & Agricultural Fridge

The DC compressor portable fridge and absorption gas fridge can be used for medical purposes such as the refrigeration of plasma, medicine and vaccine in transit or during short-time storage, or providing on-site cold or hot source for the cold

Hotel & Restaurant Fridge

COLKU provides advanced absorption hotel fridge and minibar. These products are eco-friendly because they are Freon-free. Because of the absence of vibration, the fridges can work quietly, and their service life is very long. Besides, their appearance is well developed

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