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    1. DC Compressor Portable FreezerThe small size and low power consumption (40W) make the portable fridge perfectly suitable for using in a car or on a yacht. Due to the 12V/24V power adaptor and AV transformer, the DC compressor refrigerator can operate both on DV power in a car and AV power at home
    1. DC Compressor Upright Fridge and FreezerThe thickness of the foam layer of the compressor freezer reaches 40~60 mm, making the thermal insulation performance very great and power consumption extremely low. Our refrigerator comes with a cooling compartment and a freezing compartment
    1. DC Compressor Built-In Fridge and FreezerThe stainless steel door comes with a LED temperature display and temperature control panel. The lock in the door assured the door's closure when the DC compressor freezer is on a RV. The bracket in the fridge comes with a cross bar at the outside end to protect the things on it from falling off on bumpy roads
    1. DC Compressor Chest FreezerReal-time temperature in the compressor fridge is showed on the LED display, and the target temperature will also be displayed when you are setting it. The DC chest fridge can adapt itself to a 12V or 24V power. In addition, the built-in transformer enabled the DC compressor chest freezer to be used at home
    1. 3-way Absorption Camping Cooler and Freezer The 3-way absorption camping cooler/freezer has a flame-out protection device which is imported from Japan. With this device, the 3-way absorption freezer is able to shut down the gas supply in a certain period of time after the flame extinguished, and thus the safety is guarantied
    1. 3-way Absorption Upright FridgeOur 3 way absorption upright fridge comes with a large capacity from 43L, 62L, up to 100L and 110L. There are two compartments, freezing compartment and cooling compartment, inside some types of the fridge. Client can choose the one they like according to the application
    1. Absorption Gas Fridge and FreezerGenerally speaking, the COLKU absorption gas fridge and freezer can only be powered by gas. The imported temperature controller on the fridge could be used for adjusting the inside temperature even when the gas is burning