1. 3-way Absorption Camping Cooler and Freezer The 3-way absorption camping cooler/freezer has a flame-out protection device which is imported from Japan. With this device, the 3-way absorption freezer is able to shut down the gas supply in a certain period of time after the flame extinguished, and thus the safety is guarantied
    1. 3-way Absorption Upright FridgeOur 3 way absorption upright fridge comes with a large capacity from 43L, 62L, up to 100L and 110L. There are two compartments, freezing compartment and cooling compartment, inside some types of the fridge. Client can choose the one they like according to the application
    1. Absorption Gas Fridge and FreezerGenerally speaking, the COLKU absorption gas fridge and freezer can only be powered by gas. The imported temperature controller on the fridge could be used for adjusting the inside temperature even when the gas is burning

Absorption Fridge and Freezer

In 1999, COLKU became one of the first companies in China mainland that develop and produce absorption fridge and freezer. The product line mainly comprises of 3 types of fridge—absorption camping cooler and freezer, absorption gas fridge and freezer, and hotel mini bar. In 2003, COLKU, as the very first company in China mainland, got the European GAD certificate.

We adopted advanced absorption technology­ so the product is silent because there is no vibration during its running. The products are driven by electric or gas, no Freon-free is needed, so it is totally eco-friendly. Besides the service life is also satisfactory. These advantages make the absorption fridge and freezer become ideal choices for camping, vaccine storage, holiday cottage, RV and hotel. The market is promising and the product life circle will be quite long due to their extrodanary features.

We have a certain plant for the production of the refrigeration system. The other components like plastic components, metal components, and foam material components are all designed and produced by our technician team. Consequently, the product quality, delivery time, and product cost are under precise control.

Our absorption fridge and freezer comes with a capacity from as small as 23L, 35L, 40L, 50L, 60L, up to as large as 150L, 220L and 250L. The three-way absorption cooler and freezer product line is one of the most competitive ones in China. These products have been exported to many countries like America, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Uruguay, and so on.